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What kind of steel do you use to make log splitter beams?


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  • Scott J Clark

    Thank you for building a three point mounted log splitter for use with a tractor. May I suggest offering the option of powering the three point log splitter with a 540 pto powered hydraulic pump. I would suggest plumbing the 540 rpm hydraulic pump to your twelve gallon hydraulic tank. Your quality tank I would suggest using angle iron to mount it horizontally to a heightened vertical mast that you use to connect to the top link of the three point link. The horizontal square tubing that connects to the lower two links of the three point supports the vertical tubing or mast that connects to the top link. By increasing the length of this vertical mast I believe it would create an excellent spot to mount your ideal sized twelve gallon hydraulic tank which would then be plumbed to the rear mounted 540 rpm hydraulic pump. Iron and Oak provided this option on their tractor mounted log splitter, but, I prefer your design and I believe you will best them by providing a pto pump that will be in the fourteen to twenty-four gallon per minute range vs. their ten gallon per minute pump. This because even though many tractors need to be ran at nineteen hundred to twenty three hundred rpms to achieve the 540 pto rpm speed, many of us operators would prefer to operate the tractor at approximately eleven to sixteen hundred rpms. This not only for fuel economy but also because we like the quieter operation. I look forward to Rugged Made offering a 700 series heavy duty three point
    splitter. Please feel free to call me anytime at (208) 577-8664. Thank you.


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